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FFX-2 Strategy Guide

Mandatory fight with Leblanc. Defeat the flame Dragon in Besaid. Gagazet and defeat Boris. Talk to Shinra afterwards. Complete the ‘Shave the Hypello’ quest. It doesn’t matter if you lose luggage during this mission–Tobli will hand it over anyways.

Aug 12,  · Chapter One Sidequests – Final Fantasy X Like we said at the beginning of the walkthrough, it’s probably a good idea to go through these sidequests before hitting the .

You can continue playing the same game across each of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions, by saving your data online to the PlayStation Network. You need both versions of the game for this feature to work. You can find these passwords by deciphering Al Bhed messages left in specific locations around Spira. Note that all of the passwords are case-sensitive.

While there, put the two players that you want to gain experience side by side, and have them pass the ball repeatedly to each other. He sells Hi-Potions for 50 Gil, but you can still sell them for normal price. If you buy 99 Hi-Potions at the 50 Gil price, and then sell them all, you can make over 3 times the money back. You can do this process over and over until you have enough money.

Then, he will give you an extra repair manual to fight the experiment again. This is a new game, except that your characters start with the items when you ended the game for the first time. Beat the Abes once in Exhibition to gain the right to trade with them. Square Enix, Sony, Gamefaqs.


It was filled with voice acting, paved a route for more linear gameplay with an emphasis on storytelling, and, at the time, looked absolutely glorious. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy X-2 proved divisive, but even then it marked the franchise’s first direct sequel — something it would repeat later with the perhaps equally divisive Final Fantasy XIII However, unlike the publisher’s newest trilogy, this collection is something that any fan of the series should thoroughly enjoy. Final Fantasy X follows the story of Tidus — an energetic, loud-mouthed young blitzball player who’s wrenched from a world where he lives life as a famous sports personality, and tossed into another full of monsters, swords, and magic.

A stranger in a land known as Spira, the tale is told through the hero as he reflects on his journey with the title’s main cast, which augments proceedings with a personal quality.

Mar 23,  · God, I´m tired. I´m on the chapter 2 and I´ve already travelled two times around Spira doing the Publicity and Matchmaking mini-games. I have + .

The good news is the wait has been worth it. Traditionally Square Enix Final Fantasy ports have been hit or miss for one reason or another. Some titles are ports of their mobile counterparts which doesn’t translate well to PC. I am glad to say that from the time I have spent with the game thus far the game has run at a steady frame rate on my i5 with a GTX ti 2gb Vram OC’ed and 8 gb of total ram. I have not yet experienced a crash of any sort.

Perhaps the game was easier to port from PS4 given the similar architecture. I am unsure if this is a port of the PS3 or PS4 version. What I will say is that the game looks great and comes with a variety of resolution options as well as windowed, full screen and borderless window.

Final Fantasy X-2

He will use his big arms to knock the party off the cliff, forcing you to lose the battle. Start by using Power Break on the monster and then attack it with all you have. Use Aeons, magic, physical attacks – anything that deals a lot of damage. The goal is to flip the enemy onto its back so it can be pushed off the cliff first. This should make the battle much easier. Either way, both roads lead to the same area, so start walking.

Final Fantasy X-2 – PR/Marriage FAQ minor errors in my FAQ and to all those gamers for using my PR & Marriage Mission FAQ as one of their walkthrough guide for Square Enix lastest FF series.

Your rating change at the end of each game is based on: Your team rating Their team rating Whether you win or lose Your rating increases if you win and decreases if you lose. The amount that your rating changes depends on the difference between your team rating and their team rating. The harder your opponent, the more your rating increases if you win and the less your rating decreases if you lose. An outcome-based system cannot be gamed, doesn’t create sub-optimal incentives, accounts for intangibles such as positive attitude and teamwork, and properly rewards selfless players.

Your overall rating is used for matchmaking and most achievements and rewards. Legion-specific ratings are for bragging rights and proof of expertise. Matchmaking Legion TD 2 matchmakes games based on: The fairness of teams tries to find evenly-matched teams The rating differences of parties tries to find closely-rated parties Time spent waiting in queue The longer players wait, the more likely the matchmaker is to allow uneven games.

Even if games are uneven, your rating change accounts for differences in skill. Party adjustments account for communication and strategic advantages that partied players have. Dec 18, “There are three types of lies:

FF Mobius FFX-2 Legend Card Review

Here is some other info that might also be helpful: Check your Missions tab in the lower right corner of the client after logging in. In order to receive the skins for purchasing Rune Pages with RP, you must complete the related mission.

Nov 18,  · Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequel to the title Final Fantasy X, both of which are originally PS2 titles, and is the first known incidence of a direct sequel in the Final Fantasy series%(45).

Rory Harry was about as shocked as everyone else in the hall, maybe even more so. Ingrid, however, was hardly fazed. I mean, the odds of the Goblet of Fire being manipulated into spitting out a fourth name? The odds that the name on it was Harry Potter’s? Hermione nudged him to get up. Harry stood up and shakily made his way to the assigned room for champions. With that, Dumbledore dismissed the remaining students to return to their dormitories. As Ingrid made her way to the Hufflepuff Common Room, she was engulfed by a crowd of murmurs, rumor beginnings, and bets on winners, losers, and deaths.

Do you think Harry put his name in the goblet? He’s to dense to manipulate the Goblet,” She said. She turned and faced her friends, an eyebrow raised.

Final Fantasy X-2

Long ago, the high summoners fought Sin here. The road ends here. Beyond, there’re no towns, no villages. They fall between Macalania and Mt. Gagazet on a summoner ‘s pilgrimage to Zanarkand. The Calm Lands, an expanse of wide plains, is the location where the final battle with Sin was once fought, forming a ravine to its north that has since been dubbed ‘the scar’.

Ffx2 matchmaking guide magician fantasy x-2 hd remaster guides and walkthroughs, guides, including reptile run, yuna. You can individual move advance, visit any time during the calm lands have been removed from the company.

Monkey Mating The Monkey Mating Mini-game becomes available in Chapter 2 in Zanarkand and can be completed at any time in chapters 2,3 and 5. For completion this Mini-game must be completed before the end of Chapter 3. Monkey Mating involves pairing each monkey with its soul mate. The following table plus room information provided will help you to solve this game. For simplicity’s sake the rooms are divided into 6 so that under the location collumn there will be a number to indicate a monkey’s location.

Refer to the following for the guide of the room numbers: First room in the actual dome. This is a very long room with stairs and treasure chests and lots of clutter. There are 6 monkeys in this room. This is the next room. There will be a large central area with treasure chests on several sides and stairs ahead.

There are 5 monkeys in this room. This is the next room that is the first of the Trial of the fayth from FFX.


Save Bungie Destiny 2 improves upon its predecessor in many ways. In short, it offers a more satisfying, shared-world experience. Building upon that, the game’s developer Bungie is today launching the Guided Games beta. The feature essentially delivers the matchmaking system for high-level activities that the first title lacked. Players may have noticed the longer-than-usual server maintenance downtime today, which brought with it a a massive patch. Download it and you’ll get Guided Games.

May 29,  · For Final Fantasy X-2 on the PlayStation 2, PR Mission FAQ by Shuuin X%(45).

They’re both great games, particularly X, and if you’re starting off for the first time, you might be a bit lost in its 15 year-old interface and slightly unusual approach to progression systems. Hopefully these tips can help you out. Complete random battles, but grind later Final Fantasy X’s difficulty curve is near flawlessly mapped so you can fight through the story without having to stop and grind, particularly for the first half of the game.

Don’t sweat staying in locations and trying to rack up more moves on the sphere grid—as long as you’re not fleeing battles constantly this can bite you in the arse later in the game where there’s nowhere to grind , and taking on enemies as they come, you’ll likely be okay to push through the main story. The only exception early on? Make sure Lulu has the attack ‘Fira’ before Operation Mi’Hen—it makes the ensuing dull boss battle a lot easier. Follow the obvious path on the sphere grid FFX’s progression system, the sphere grid, looks daunting at first but it’s actually really simple.

Final Fantasy X-2 100% completion guide w/ Commentary [FINISHED]

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