Knossos — a history of the Palace

Knossos — a history of the Palace

Talos Heraklion Attractions overview Heraklion is a modern and lively city steeped in history with numerous archaeological monuments bearing witness to the economic, spiritual and cultural development of past ages. Heraklion consists of the old city locked within the formidable Venetian walls, and the modern part, spreading from without the walls. To tour the old city one can start from the Venetian harbour where yachts and fishing boats now berth or from the Venetian castle of KOULES at the entrance of the old harbour built in the beginning of the fourth century. The archaeological museum is situated on Eleftheria square freedom square , attracts world interest and houses treasures of unesteemable value of the Minoan age. During the present time the museum is temporarily closed due to renovations being done. Nevertheless the most significant exhibits are based in a specially reformed hall until renovations are complete. There is no official deadline as to when the museum would be ready.

Minoan civilization

After the destruction of the palace in the 15th century, the city continued to be inhabited in the Mycenaean and Geometric periods, that is, until the 8th century B. Later, the temple of Rhea was built to the south of the old palace. The Hellenistic city was extremely prosperous houses of the period are to be seen in the west court upper terrace of the palace. In the middle of the 2nd century B. Traces of habitation dating from the Venetian period are scattered in the whole area.

Archeology. The International History Project. Date Archeology is the scientific study of past human culture and behavior, from the origins of humans to the present.

Share3 Shares 3K In addition to the previous list on 10 Mysterious Prehistoric Sites in the British Isles, there hundreds of mysterious locations spanning the entire globe. The stones were erected between and B. There is a variety of theories as to the purpose of the stones. Some claim that the stones are aligned astronomically, with the intention of creating an observatory or a calendar system.

Others believe that they were actually used as primitive seismic instruments, with the balanced stones acting as earthquake detectors. The obelisk was never finished, likely due to cracks which formed in the stone during the quarrying although some believe the builders may have been violently interrupted. The sheer size of this object is what makes it remarkable. It would have been a full third larger than any other ancient obelisk known to us.

Standing feet 42m tall and weighing tons, this single piece of rock would have been taller than a ten-storey building. There are very few modern cranes that could move such a massive object—so how exactly did the ancient Egyptians plan on transporting and erecting it? The largest stones used in their construction weigh one hundred and eighty tons, and were transported from at least a mile away. The sites, which are located near the town of Antequera, are believed to have been established around B.

Many of the walls feature anthropomorphic illustrations.

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BLOG Ancient sites in West Crete Crete is a very old place, with layer upon layer of civilization, and accordingly there are many ancient sites all over the island. You will not find many Minoan remains in West Crete, at the most a few walls here and there for example in Kanevaro St. Roman and Hellenistic ruins are more widespread but few excavations have been conducted, meaning that most ancient sites do not offer much to see to the visitor.

The following places are however worth a visit: Falassarna Situated about 55 km west of Chania, Falassarna is best known for its nice beach and very clean sea. To the north of the beach 10 minutes on foot , you can see the remains of an ancient harbour dating back to the late Minoan period.

Archaeological sites and museums in Crete, descriptions of archaeological sites, location and working hours.

I have to stress that in the case of the Phaistos Disc, there is not a single word to be officially deciphered. Disc has diameter of 15 cm and both sides are covered by signs arranged in a spiral. Its purpose, meaning and place of production were unknown till now. It is an unique archaeological finding. It is exhibited in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum on Crete.

This proved that Minoans were not just a myth.

10 Mysterious Prehistoric Sites From Around The World

It’s not much more than a staging post for tired walkers as they trickle out of the gorge or the disembarkation point for those heading into the gorge for the heavily advertised shorter walking trips. Agia Roumeli has along, thin strip of pebble and shingle that drops very steeply into the sea. Sunbed umbrellas offer the only shade at this very exposed spot.

Theological scholar Andrew McGowan examines how December 25 came to be associated with the birthday of Jesus and became Christmas, a holiday celebrated by Christians around the world.

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Holidays to Crete

Palace of Knossos In , the paleontologist Gerard Gierlinski discovered fossil footprints left by ancient human relatives 5, , years ago. In the later Neolithic and Bronze Age periods, under the Minoans , Crete had a highly developed, literate civilisation. After a brief period of independence — under a provisional Cretan government, it joined the Kingdom of Greece. Prehistoric Crete The first human settlement in Crete dates before , years ago, during the Paleolithic age.

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The site was first occupied some time around BCE in what is called the Aceramic Neolithic period aceramic because no pottery was produced. The Bronze Age was not to begin for a further four thousand years. It is thought that Knossos was the first and oldest Neolithic site in Crete and the first indication of human activity on the island is located in the exact area where the Palace and its Central Court were to be located.

So humans had been continually active on the site for five thousand years before the First Palace was constructed. Part of the West Wing Although the Neolithic gave way to the Bronze Age, when no doubt new peoples arrived from the East, there is no evidence that the original population on the Kephala Hill was replaced by the newcomers. More likely was a gradual transition from neolithic to bronze age practices. Jan Driessen thinks it was important at Knossos as well.

It was found in locations which suggest that the ground had been cleared for construction during EM III. As at other Palatial sites on Crete, large scale building preceded the actual construction of the First Palace. What evidence there is tends to be found on the perimeter of the later palace or on the slopes of the Kephala hill on which the palace was built.

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It was a beautiful day and my thoughts turned to the Minoans. What did they do each day? How did they create the first European civilisation? Why was that civilisation so wonderful?

Crete’s stunning beauty is only matched by its rich history. The island’s vibrant shores offer blissful peace and quiet on an island getaway, but if you are looking for more of a buzz, the beaches of Hersonissos, Elounda and Aghia Marina offer an altogether different atmosphere. Thrill-seeking holidaymakers looking for nonstop adventure will love the many water sports offered across the island.

Soil copper concentrations at ancient metal working sites are rarely measured. Abstract Copper Cu at ancient metallurgy sites represents the earliest instance of anthropogenically generated metal pollution. Such sites are spread across a wide range of environments from Eurasia to South America, and provide a unique opportunity to investigate the past and present extent and impact of metalworking contamination. Establishing the concentration and extent of soil Cu at archaeometallurgy sites can enhance archaeological interpretations of site use but can also, more fundamentally, provide an initial indication of contamination risk from such sites.

Systematic evaluations of total soil Cu concentrations at ancient metalworking sites have not been conducted, due in part to the limitations of conventional laboratory-based protocols. In this paper, we first review what is known about Cu soil concentrations at ancient metallurgy sites. We then assess the benefits and challenges of portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry pXRF as an alternative, rapid technique for the assessment of background and contaminant levels of Cu in soils.

We conclude that pXRF is an effective tool for identifying potential contamination. Finally, we provide an overview of some major considerations beyond total Cu concentrations, such as bioavailability assessments, that will need to be considered at such sites to move toward a complete assessment of environmental and human risk. Previous article in issue.

Big Plant Nursery – Phoenix theophrasti (Cretan Date Palm)

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