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Katerina Petrova

Reflecting Balance has five older siblings, each one being a different Eeveelution. In Sylvia the Sylveon , the titular character has seven older siblings. What About Witch Queen? The oldest, Friedrich, mentions once that for his birthday, he invites nobody but the siblings and their families and they still must use a ballroom. The first case are a family of 7 criminal brothers from Orre known as the 7 criminal brothers, even if one is the White Sheep of the family. It’s hinted strongly in fic, still not fully confirmed, that one of them promptly had a lot of kids everywhere. The siblings in question come from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Alola, and other regions, and the first sibling seen is Ash Ketchum, and he was far from the last who appeared. One character suggests that there may hundreds of them.

Massive Numbered Siblings

In context, he wants Kara to put on her civilian clothes because he is going to give her a costume-compressing device and he needs to show her how it works. Taken out of context Take off that Supergirl costume right now! And remove those boots, too! Superman drying off after taking a shower, Supergirl’s long legs highlighted, her face in the shadows

Dating Elijah Mikaelson would include 1k Appreciation Week Day #3 #3 rated Mikaelson by followers: Elijah Mikaelson. #2 rated headcanon: dating him. Holding hands when you’re trying to comfort him.

Series overview[ edit ] The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia , a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century. It follows the life of Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev , a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, as she falls in love with a year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore Paul Wesley. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder returns, with a plan to bring back their past love Katherine Pierce, a vampire who looks exactly like Elena.

Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena, creating a love triangle among the three. Both brothers protect Elena as they face various villains and threats to their town, including Katherine. The brothers’ history and the town’s mythology are revealed through flashbacks as the series goes on. Additional storylines revolve around the other inhabitants of the town, most notably Elena’s younger brother Jeremy Gilbert Steven R.

The town’s politics are orchestrated by descendants of the original founding families, all comprising a “Founders’ Council. They guard the town mainly from vampires , although there are many more supernatural threats such as werewolves, witches, hybrids, and ghosts. Cast and characters[ edit ] Ian Somerhalder , Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley at PaleyFest Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert seasons 1—6; uncredited voiceover season 7; guest season 8 , [9] whom the series follows as she falls in love with Stefan, and later leaves him after leading everyone to believe he was her true love, for his brother, Damon Salvatore, creating a love triangle.

This results in her being drawn into the supernatural world, with the show following her struggles in surviving supernatural events in the town.

Elijah Mikaelson Stickers

Kol is awakened by Elijah after being neutralized for over century. He thwarts Damon ‘s plans of finding out which Original his bloodline is descended from. He is later seen again when he kidnaps Professor Shane for Rebekah in order to find out where the cure is but they soon discover that the Cure is also buried with Silas , the worlds first and most dangerous immortal being.

Fearing the hell on earth Silas will unleash, Kol tries to stop anyone from awakening Silas in order for them to take possession of the cure. He is later stopped by Jeremy , who kills him with his own White Oak Stake , completing Jeremy’s Hunter’s Mark , as he dies with all his bloodlines descendants.

Read DATING ELIJAH MIKAELSON WOULD INCLUDE: from the story VAMPIRE DIARIES PREFERENCES by 5SOSPenguinQueen (5SOS PenguinQueen) with reads. damonsalvatore.

Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but left one alive to question and carry their luggage. She saves them by killing the men waiting for them and takes the girls under her protection. However this did not stop Marcel from trying again and making out with Rebekah.

They were abruptly torn apart physically by Klaus who decided to punish them by daggering Rebekah. In , Klaus undaggered Rebekah revealing he had left her daggered for 52 years. When she had asked to see Marcel, Klaus sadistically revealed that he gave Marcel an ultimatum. Either live a long human life with Rebekah and die or become a vampire, but stay away from Rebekah. He chose the latter, even walking into the room as proof, devastating Rebekah. Kol was soon neutralized for unknown reasons by Niklaus, as Rebekah and her brothers left New Orleans before their father could reach them.

However, Elijah broke apart from Klaus and Rebekah to stall Mikael so his siblings could get away. Chicago, ‘s Edit Moving from town to town and wreaking havoc, Rebekah and Klaus found themselves in Chicago during the roaring 20s.

List of dramatic television series with LGBT characters

Sabine knows that Elijah has been following her and asks if he’s going to continue to do so, Elijah asks her if she knows who he is and she responds with. You and your family are famous among the witches, especially with your Sabine tells him if his brother is looking for Jane-Anne then he’s already too late. Elijah asks her if Jane-Anne is dead. Sabine then brings him to see Jane-Anne’s dead body, but Marcel arrives and she begs him to hide because if Marcel sees him, he’ll slaughter all the witches.

Elijah then comes with Jane-Anne’s body.

She warns tyler matt jeremy elijah mikaelson would include: when is the day to me a fight to esther and a post shared by eternalmikaelson. Read dating un-dead men in a spin-off of them, and up audiences

Esther longed for a family, though, after over a year of marriage, she found herself barren. Dahlia granted this request, but made it clear that the magic had a price, and it was a price that Esther was forced to pay years later—her payment to her sister would be her first-born child, and the first-born of her children’s children, and their children’s children, for as long as Esther’s line shall live. In the years to follow, Esther bore four more children: Grief-stricken, Mikael decided to search for a way to protect his family from the werewolves.

Unfortunately for them, there were consequences for this transformation, and Nature sought to try to restore the balance they upset by giving them a weakness for every new strength they had gained. In the end, they burned the tree down to ensure their own survival, though the ashes were later saved to later be used against them. Soon after the Mikaelsons were turned into vampires and learned of Klaus’ werewolf heritage, Esther was obligated to curse Klaus in order to make his werewolf nature dormant so that he would not upset nature further by possessing so much power.

However, Klaus felt betrayed by this punishment, and in retaliation, Klaus murdered his mother and framed Mikael for the act. Mikael had carved one before the tree was burned down, which caused Klaus to fear him during the centuries that he was active. Rebekah also had a similar fate to Kol and was also daggered on various occasions, including in , , and

Mikaelson Family

How they roamed the Earth a thousand years, saw empires rise and fall. To most, they were monsters, but to a few, they were something more. If you look closely, you’ll find traces of them through history.

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Bette and Tina are a lesbian couple who were in a relationship for seven years prior to the show’s beginning. They are on and off throughout the show. Tina is shown to be with both men and women when she is not with Bette. Tina and Helena have a brief relationship in season 2. Bette has a relationship in Seasons 4 and 5 with Jodi. Bette has a small fling with student Nadia Alice and Dana are together in Season 2.

Jenny discovers her lesbianism after an affair with Marina in Season 1. Shane sleeps with many characters throughout the show and briefly considers marrying Carmen despite her ongoing affair with Cherie. Shane has a brief relationship with Paige in Season 4, and a short tryst with Molly Phyllis’s Daughter. Shane ends the show in a relationship with Jenny. Dana’s first love interest is Lara who she later gets back together with. Alice also has a relationship with Bette’s boss Phyllis.

Phyllis settles down with Bette’s lawyer Joyce.

Elijah and Celeste

The nasty end of Parental Favoritism. Where there’s an Alpha wolf, there’s got to be a Beta. When there is a first banana, there is a second banana.

Dating Kol Mikaelson would include: Originally posted by imagine-everything-blog. There was no chance for Kol to pretend to be something he wasn’t around you ; Dating Elijah Would Include. Dating Klaus Would Include. Stranger Things. Stuck On You (Jim Hopper Fic) Part 1.

You met at a holiday party Cami had hosted. Immediately you were infatuated with Elijah and his suits. You had always been a classy girl from a rich family who had high expectations and Elijah met all of yours with just one look. You were the perfect child in the family. Never did a thing wrong, whereas your siblings were the trouble. With this, you had never given up your virginity.

You wanted to wait for marriage or for a man you knew was right. A year later with Elijah, your parents adored him. He had met all the expectations and he spoiled you more than your parents ever did.

Warning: Wild imagination ahead

A father-son meeting Dorian meets Elijah. Around his 21st birthday, Dorian started asking Crystal questions about his biological father, such as his identity, the story of his birth, and the reason for his lack of presence in Dorian’s life. Crystal tells him the entire story, without revealing Elijah’s identity until the very end. Once she does reveal it, Dorian feels confused and continues to ask questions about him, focusing on why Elijah hasn’t contacted him even once, especially since Crystal has always described him as “honourable” man.

She tells him about the memory spell Elijah had asked her to cast on him and Rebekah, to protect Dorian from any enemies wanting to exploit Elijah’s “weaknesses”, as well as a way to avoid the immense pain he would feel of not being with his child.

Dating Elijah Mikaelson would Include: ️When you can’t sleep at night, he reads your favorite books to you. ️Though, sometimes you insist he reads his favorite books to you. ️He’s a gentleman to.

Despite Jackson’s death, the two remained separated until Elijah forgot everything about his family, including all of his memories that involved Hayley. While nothing seems impossible in the world of the vampires and werewolves in “The Originals,” it does not mean that the former lovers could still find their way back to each other’s arms anytime soon.

In a statement released through TVLine , series creator Julie Plec revealed that it will still take some time before the characters reconnect with each other because she is still having fun in coming up with new beginnings for every character in the show. The free-spirited and flirtatious vampire who hides a lot of dark secrets about her difficult past will be portrayed by actress Jaime Murray. While there is no news yet regarding the type of relationship that Antoinette will have with Elijah, it can be assumed that she might be his new love interest or the newest villain of the supernatural drama.

The CW has yet to announce the release date of “The Originals” season 5.

The Unfavourite

Samantha Highfill June 13, at The cufflinks are on. The tie is nice and tight. The daylight ring once again rests on his finger. But with all that comes the unbearable truth: Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol find themselves in a chambre de chasse — a magical prison they have to find their way out of.

Dating Kol Mikaelson Would Include: Kol being extremely possessive and protective of you. “You’re mine, nobody else’s.” Having really bad fights and arguments. Kol always flirting with other woman, which makes you jealous. You flirting with other men, which makes Kol jealous. Kol Reviews: 7.

Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but left one alive to question and carry their luggage, including the two coffins of their neutralized brothers, Kol and Finn. Rebekah went upstairs with the Governor’s son who she wanted to turn. Elijah was seen kissing a women and having fun when Rebekah came to him with the Governor’s son and asked Elijah if she could turn him, to which Elijah suggested it would be an unwise move to turn the Governor’s son into a vampire.

Klaus told her no and told her that if she turned every boy she fell in love with, the humans would cease to exist. The boy then argued with Klaus and he threw him down the stairs while Elijah tried to stop it. While the siblings were going to attend the Governor’s son funeral, Klaus saw a boy being whipped and threw an apple at the man and made him stop whipping the boy.

He’s seeing it as perfection. Celeste then mentions that his brother, Niklaus, is again up to no good. He’s challenging the gentry to duels as though they have any chance of a fair fight. Elijah then responds and says. Surely, you can cast a spell to put him in his place. Elijah then mentions that his brother certainly needs a little discipline and jokes that maybe a spanking of some kind is in order. And tells her that he thinks he shall need some rehearsal.

Then they kiss before he leaves to meet his brother.

elijah mikaelson

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