Debra Morgan

Debra Morgan

BlackRoseWolf Brian Point of View -Brian, under the disguise of Rudy Cooper, takes Debra on a date to an ice skating rink, while reflecting on his own thoughts and memories. I do not own Dexter or any of the characters. This is my first attempt at a fan fiction for this show. Several lines of dialogue are taken directly from Season 1, Episodes 4 and 8. This takes place in between episodes 7 and 8. Brian POV It had been about two weeks since I had started dating Dexter’s brainless sister Debra, and so far, things had been going as planned. I’m sure if it wasn’t so hot in Miami, she would’ve chosen anything else to do tonight, then go ice skating with me.

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Here are some of the women Jerry dated on the show and what the actresses are doing now. On the show, Meryl played by and Jerry got involved in a silly dry cleaning scam. Viewers thought Amy and Jerry made a great couple, but of course, Jerry was too picky for it to last. Sara was a doctor that met Jerry and began dating him in season nine. During an episode of the show, Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run auto accident and tails the driver as she speeds away.

In the seventh season finale, Jerry is almost struck by a car before Jeannie saves him.

A tough, foul-mouthed tomboy, she craved her father’s attention and envied Dexter for the amount of time Harry spent with him, unaware that Harry was training him to be a vigilante serial killer. At the age of 16, her mother died of cancer. From then on, she decided to become a detective, like her father.

Debra learned to shoot taking her father’s gun. Dexter found out and told Harry, who punished her. Hurt, Debra told Dexter that she wished that Harry had never brought him home. She was immediately remorseful for saying it, however, and apologized. She was distraught at her father’s death and, inspired by his career, joined the Miami-Metro Police Department. She spent three years in patrol and then another two years in vice before being promoted by Captain Tom Matthews Geoff Pierson a friend of her father , becoming a Homicide officer at the start of the first season.

Debra is characterized as smart and capable, yet unsure of herself, and so she relies upon Dexter’s seemingly limitless expertise on murderers to solve difficult cases. Initially assigned to Vice, she is desperate to be transferred to Homicide. After Matthews promotes her, she starts to grow self-confident, relying less on Dexter’s abilities and more on her own.

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After eight seasons and a legion of devoted fans, Dexter’s series finale was bound to draw mixed reactions. But critics and fans alike have branded the highly anticipated ending as disappointing. The series finale of Dexter has been branded the ‘lamest’ in recent TV history There were a few compelling questions questions that had to be resolved in the final hour, including would Dexter Michael C. Hall be able to leave Miami with his young son Harrison to start a new life in Argentina with his fugitive lover Hannah, and would he settle a score with a serial murderer named Saxon, or trust his sister Deb Jennifer Carpenter and fellow Miami officers to see justice done?

By the end of the hour, Hannah and young Harrison were safe in Buenos Aires waiting for Dexter to join them.

Dumped at sea with Dexter Cause Her father was a cold-hearted and self-serving individual who threw Hannah into ocean water, which nearly resulted in her drowning. After she met Wayne Randall at the age of 15, she agreed to go with him on a 3-state killing spree. However, this could have been coercion on behalf of Wayne.

It was never truly confirmed. Hannah is known to kill mostly out of self-preservation, rather than psychopathic need. Once caught, she turned state-evidence against her boyfriend and he was put in prison, Hannah, because of her young age, was sent to a juvenile facility. According to the investigations of both Dexter Morgan and writer Sal Price , Hannah was responsible for several more murders since her time with Wayne.

Contents [ show ] Summary Just a year prior to her crossing paths with Dexter, Hannah had murdered a woman in order to inherit her business. Initially, Dexter viewed her as one of his potential victims and nearly killed her in his typical fashion, but could not go through with it. After this, Hannah and Dexter become romantically involved, which greatly upset Debra Morgan. When an author threatened to expose Hannah, she poisoned him.

‘Dexter’s’ Jennifer Carpenter Talks Deb’s Final Journey, Justice for Dex

She was dating Bryan and he stripped her naked and plastic wrapped her to a kill room table in a railway car. He was going to kill her but he wanted Dexter to do the kill. Instead Dexter rescued Deb and killed Bryan instead. Bryan left a trail back to his mother, via a house Dexter inherits, visitations records, child service records, and police informant records including who her contact in the force was.

Played with in season three. Assistant DA Miguel Prado accuses his rival defense attorney Ellen Wolf of being one of these for “gaming the system” to let criminals off the hook. She in turns accuses him of judicial misconduct to get convictions. Miguel is eventually revealed to have manipulated Dexter all along to learn the art of murder from him. Miguel lacks the very integrity that he accuses Ellen of not having as he not only wants to subvert the legal process to kill criminals, but anyone who pisses him off.

Doakes is a pragmatic type and Dexter is a Nominal type.

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Now that Deb finally knows the truth about her adopted brother, Dexter feels unpredictable, fresh and downright fun. So how did Debra react to the reveal that Dexter is in fact a serial killer in “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”? After learning that her brother is in fact a serial killer, Deb has a pretty normal reaction: But before that, she has some questions, like how old he was when he first started killing? Are you the Bay Harbor Butcher? He’s less forthcoming with that one, tipping her off that it’s true.

Blades Killing Method Moser strapped his victims to a table, tilted them upside-down, slit their carotid artery and allowed them to simply bleed out. On a few occasions, he just killed them in any way possible. Method of Disposal Usually none. Bodies are displayed in plain-sight. Cause As with his biological brother Dexter Morgan , Brian Moser witnessed the brutal dismemberment of his mother at the age of five.

This left him mentally scarred and gave him very strong inclinations toward homicidal acts. Unlike Dexter, he did not have the guidance of Harry Morgan along with The Code of Harry to prevent him from killing the innocent.

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With a hurricane threatening Miami, Dexter becomes determined to end things his way. Vogel’s help to lure the Brain Surgeon to a location in order to get him on the table. Later, an important person in Dexter’s life is murdered before his eyes. Vogel gets the surprise of her life when someone from her past returns.

Medical tools including a melon baller, presumed for postmortem operation Killing Method Kills his victims with the use of a handgun or a bonesaw, then slices through their cranium, removing the back of their skull to scoop out a portion of their brain the anterior insular cortex, which processes empathy.

Some of his victims’ heads are sawn into while the victim is alive. Method of Disposal Most bodies are left in public. Cause At a young age, Daniel Oliver killed his younger brother by drowning him. After his parents sent him away to an institution to be mentally treated, he eventually caused a fire that killed 7 other children inhabiting the facility. Afterwards, he proceeded to move to Miami, where his mother Evelyn Vogel moved as well.

However, after learning that she is working alongside one of her former patients, Dexter Morgan , he began killing more people and sending their fragmented brain pieces to her as a message of jealousy in hopes that she would turn her attention to him instead of Dexter. He could also simply draw pleasure from killing.

Debra Morgan “FUCK” Montage (Dexter seasons 1-8)

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